iPhone: 警察模擬射擊訓練

29 06 2009

Free App: Professional Police Training Lite

27 Jun: New App

依排啲警察又話要上街, 又話要加人工, 攪到人地一哥鬼死咁煩.

大家有咩唔開心咪玩吓射擊訓練, 輕鬆吓囉.




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30 06 2009

Hi Sidxx,

You have a great blog!

I would like to introduce you our iphone app: PURI!

We currently rank no.1 in the US photography category in the app store and have many users over the globe. We would love to have more HK people know about our app since we’re a Hong Kong company.

PURI is essentially 貼紙相. We have a lite version (which is free) and a premium. Currently it’s version 1.1 on the appstore but we have just submitted version 2.0 so you should be able to download the new version soon.

Please give us some feedbacks and would be great if you could write about it on your blog.

Do email me if you have any questions.


30 06 2009

Hi ! Alvin,

NIce to meet you. No problem and I will introduce your app on my Blog.

Keep working and I’m waiting for yr next app.

Thanks for yr support.

Rgds / Sidney.



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